Okay. You’ve been making calls on a search for a week, and you have managed to make a few connections on LinkedIn. Or maybe you specialize in a field and you have been building a vast network within that niche. You’ve built your network on LinkedIn. Now how do you use it?? You need to leverage your contacts by searching THEIR connections.

To do this, from your homepage click on “advanced” in the upper right hand corner.





Now change tabs from “Advanced People Search” to “Find People.” I have a basic account, so I do not have access to the other 3 tabs.

Clicking on that brings you to a screen of profiles. Once you have identified the contact you are going to search, click on the icon that looks like a few androgynous profiles with a number by it. (I have noticed that not all contacts have this icon.)

Once you click on that, the next screen will be a search of those connections. You can sort by various categories including relevance, keyword, and connections.

Now you can take advantage of the filters on the left side of the screen. You can boolean search in the appropriate field (which even has a drop box for more fields that pretty much encompass the advanced search features). The top of the page will indicate your filters.

This is a great way to network. 2nd degree connections tend to be more trustworthy and likely to have a conversation with you.

This is a simple search that will help you leverage your network and make all of those connections pay off!