While perusing GoogleGuide, I came across allinurl:. My head immediately starts spinning wondering how exactly this syntax works!

I have used multiple inurl: operators in my strings.

Boolean is defined as an AND/OR/NOT search. The allinurl: operator is going to be taking advantage of the AND option.

At first, I thought I would be able to use the allinurl: operator to eliminate inurl:pub | inurl:in from a LinkedIn xray search. However, this is using the OR option of a Boolean search.

Results for allinurl:pub/in

This is proof of the AND search. Google is looking for pub AND in the url.

When would we need multiple keywords in the same url??? I’m not sure this is an operator I will be using often. But good to know it is out there. Let’s try ANYTHING just to see what results are like.


My best guess is that we can use this to search blogs (which usually put a date and long title in the url) or news stories. This is more of a search you would conduct at the beginning of your hunt, possible for information gathering.

Something new I DID learn in this search is including forward slash to connect your AND keywords. Will likely discuss this function further!!

Happy hunting!