These people are in high demand today! With the mobile market taking off, applications that will be most accepted are going to have that special something that speaks to the user. I’ve read blogs by these guys that say if you are truly good at what you do, the user will have no idea they are even “using” the application. Navigation will be seemless.

After reading my new job description, I am beginning to think I need a web developer who happens to be a UI/UX designer.

Today, I want to try something new to start. I have a hypothesis that developer types do not necessarily post their resumes and profiles to LinkedIn exclusively. So, we will try more of an open web search.

Here is the part of the boolean I am going to use instead of

inurl:(in | pub | resume | portfolio)

Logic: in | pub still catches LinkedIn profiles, the addition of resume | portfolio will catch personal websites.

Away we go…

user-experience information-architecture (“site maps” | wireframes | “user flows” | prototypes) (develop | design) inurl:(in | pub | resume | portfolio) -jobs

Not bad. The first 2 results appear informational. The second 2 are just for what I was hoping! It looks like it picked up on some personal websites! I need to add location and figure out how to further qualify my results.

user-experience information-architecture “new york city” (“site maps” | wireframes | “user flows” | prototypes) (develop | design) inurl:(in | pub | resume | portfolio) -jobs

I think I am liking this one! Probably a good way to minus out some stuff, but I think I will play around with it a bit.

Happy Hunting!

Student Of Fortune