Developers are among some of the most difficult people to find! They are wanted everywhere, and I rarely come across someone who DOESN’T call themselves a SENIOR developer!


I am going to target years of experience and graduation dates.

Let’s go!

(analyze | design | develop) (code | test | debug) (revise | update) web-based “c#” “new york city” “(“BA” | “B.A.” | “BS” | “B.S.” | “Bachelor” | “Bachelors”) * * * * * * 2007..2011″


Holy results Batman! 10?? I think I got one from New York and 2 more from Jersey. Hmmm….loosen it up a bit? I think I will take out web-based. Seems too general.

(analyze | design | develop) (code | test | debug) (revise | update) “c#” “new york city” “(“BA” | “B.A.” | “BS” | “B.S.” | “Bachelor” | “Bachelors”) * * * * * * 2007..2011″


12,800 results?!? Not really. More like 11. And look at the first hit. It grabbed design, code, and NYC. I am going to move C# to the front of the boolean and see what kind of change that makes. Also probably going to do away with (revise | update). Again…too general.

“c#” (analyze | design | develop) (code | test | debug) “new york city” “(“BA” | “B.A.” | “BS” | “B.S.” | “Bachelor” | “Bachelors”) * * * * * * 2007..2011″


Alright. Much better. I actually got about 66 hits off of this one. The first entry is in NYC, has C# and a few of the other keywords entered. I am going to peruse this one.

Btw…on the last search page Google gives a disclaimer that they have omitted entries “very similar” to the ones displayed. I guess if you want all 376,000, you can perform the search without the omitted results. At some point, we are going to have to address this. If they are omitting profiles that are “very similar,” they may be something we want! However, if the same profile is coming up multiple times, then I agree with omitting results. Another question for another time…