I have an earlier post on finding an IT Security person with Authentication focus. As always, there is more than one way to skin a cat, so here we go!

unix (kerberos | authentication) (identity | access) “new york city” security-architect site:linkedin.com -jobs -profiles


Looking good with less than 1,000 results. However, I do not like the way “access” came up in the first result! I need more than 10 years of experience in the field.

unix (kerberos | authentication) (identity | access) “10..17 * * * experience” “new york city” security-architect site:linkedin.com -jobs -profiles

This time I left out “years of” when searching for experience. There is apparently quite a battle raging over the proper way to writer this phrase. I’m thinking this might limit my results.


Seems to be working! I like our chances with this search. And with this method of searching (years experience | years of experience | years’ experience | year’s experience) or however else people are putting it on their LinkedIn profile.

327 results is a pretty workable number. Sometimes, when I start going throught the result pages, I end up with much less than the originally stated number of findings. Does this happen to anyone else?


By the time I get to page 3 of my results, I am shown that there are only 30 actual results! And I am seriously unhappy with the way “access” has shown in the results.