Okay…this time we are looking for a Security guy who is authentication focused.

~authentication “security” “new york city area” site:linkedin.com -jobs -profiles

44,000 results…way too many to review! Let’s try to qualify the results a bit more.

~authentication “security” “unix” “new york city area” (kerberos | ldap | perl | encryption) site:linkedin.com -jobs -profiles

Down to around 6,000. Still to many to peruse.

Strategy: I am going to split up my boolean section with the “OR” statements.

~authentication “security” “unix” “new york city area” (kerberos | encryption) (ldap | perl) site:linkedin.com -jobs -profiles

Alright…that is down to just over 1,000. After this,I think the next way to go about further qualifying the results would be to use the requirements of years of experience next. Please see other postings for consideration on this subject.