I cannot figure this one out! How do you specifically search LinkedIn for graduation dates from Google?

Let’s try to find people in New York who graduated within the last 3 years.

“education * 2009..2012” Site:linkedin.com “new york city” -jobs -profiles

This is the boolean I am going to try first.


1. putting education in quotes will target the education section

2. using the star will leave space for the name of the university attended.

3. when searching for ranges on Google, use two periods between the beginning and end points within the range.

Let’s see what we get:


I got over 1,600 results. However, from the selection above, we can see that it is hitting onEducation Industry. I scrolled through the results and could not find a hit on the Education section of the profile.

“university * 2009..2012” site:linkedin.com “new york city” -jobs -profiles

Replacing Education for University. This will not grab people fromcolleges, and I expect results from jobs at Universities..

This looks more promising. However, the first result is a student. So we are still picking up on the Experience section instead of the Education section. The second hit is a person in the Education Industry. It seems to have picked up on an Award she won…

So, this is what I keep running into! How am I going to target the Education Section????