First, a disclaimer for all you out there….I am a beginner at boolean strings. However, as part of my job, I aim to be awesome at it!

Thus far, I have mostly been searching on Google. I have heard that Bing can offer better searches, but I am not certain I have witnessed that to date. Possible topic for a different post!

On Google, my favorite operator is the dash between words: word1-word2. You can use it in place of (word1-word2 | word1word2 | “word1 word2”). On Google, you can use “|” instead of “or”. It is not a lowercase L. Hit the shift button and the key above “enter” on most keyboards. Back to topic… the dash between words tells the seach engine that they are closely related.

Example: mobile-applications










Now couple that with a site search. For a site search, you enter I am going to look at










We still need to drill down to specific skill sets and take out any unwanted results.